Meet the band...

Debbie Smith

Funk Soul Sister, Disco Diva Supremo, Debbie Smith's vocal talents are a tour de force! Never failing to get a crowd to their feet, Ms Smith hits all the right notes when it comes to captivating an audience with her amazing range and dynamics, intoxicating energy and heartfelt passion for performing.

John Bicknell

Combining a seriously solid backbeat with furiously funky fills, drummer John Bicknell keeps the Rioters in line as the backbone of the quintet. Drawing inspiration from the Jazz/Funk revivalists of the 90s, John's playing brings a modern feel to the Rioter's repertoire of classic Soul and four-to-the-floor, hard-disco Funk!

Andy Culham

Rhythm section partner in crime, Andy Culham, never ceases to impress with a dazzling array of infectiously groovy bass lines that will make your hips sway before you've even made it to the dancefloor. A regular on the function circuit, Andy is one of the finest bassists in the area.

Andrew Furlanis

Funk guitar maestro, Andrew 'Andrea' Furlanis joined the rioters in 2016. His passion for the finest grooves in the Jazz/Funk genre shines through in impeccably executed licks, riffs and solos. With the power to transport you back to the golden era of Brown, Reading and Pickett whilst imparting his own unique and creative style, Andrew is always a pleasure to listen to.

Jon Mills

Birmingham Conservatoire graduate Jon Mills brings more than a touch of class to the Soul Riot sound. Whether hammering out acid-jazz inspired grooves and solos or riffing to the bridge, JM’s natural flare for feel, vibe, grace and style is sure to impress.

Special Guests...

Mike Owen

Supremely talented saxophonist Mike Owen often joins the Rioters for large events and festivals, but is also available by special request. From Soprano to Baritone, Mike has brought his infectious groove and impeccable playing to venues all over the world and it's always a pleasure to have him on the Soul Riot roster.

Will Most

Last but by no means least, Will 'Mostly' Most always brings the Funk. From screaming Hammond to soulful Synth, Mr Most's effortless playing is the perfect complement to the Rioter's edgy sound. As if that wasn't enough, this man has a surprising talent for rapping... Don't believe us? Come and see Suffolk's very own Grandmaster Flash in action!